What is an EcoDrop Item?

We are on a mission to make every part of our business eco-friendly and more circular. From the way EcoDrop items are packaged, shipped, and fulfilled; EcoDrop purchases substantially decrease our impact on the environment. Each EcoDrop purchase you make, YOU make a difference for our planet.

We are now offering discounts and free shipping on these items, with items only in stock for up to three days at a time. If you see an item with an EcoDrop option today, it might not be there tomorrow. Your item may not arrive with tags as we try to decrease our waste.

*EcoDrop items can only be shipped to USA addresses and are Final Sale.


The EcoDrop impact.

Each year there are:

  • 16 million tons of C02 emitted from return shipping trips
  • 6 billion pounds of returns thrown in landfills
  • Only 46% of returned packaging recycled

By purchasing EcoDrop, YOU eliminate:

  • An entire shipping trip of C02 emissions
  • Pounds of landfill waste
  • Full packaging waste

Sounds pretty good…right?


So how does it really work?

When someone doesn’t like their purchase due to non-damaged reasons (size, color, etc.), instead of returning the item back to the warehouse, items are shipped directly to the next willing customer, which we hope is you! We will provide a shipping label for you to send the next willing customer. 

But what condition is the item in?

The item is in brand new condition. It’s no different from an in-store purchase that was tried on. If the EcoDrop item is not in perfect condition upon arrival, you can return the item and we will refund you.

Then why the discount?

We want to show our appreciation to our customers for understanding that the shipping may take slightly longer and the packaging may not be in perfect condition. We also feel like it is our duty to reward our customers for making eco-conscious purchases!