Our Founder


Alice Kim was born and raised in New York City with a degree in Economics from Dartmouth College. Being born of immigrant parents from Korea, the definition of the American dream was to become a doctor, lawyer or to be in finance. Upon graduation, Alice took a position in investment banking for a few years then decided to pursue her dream of being in fashion. Alice has spent the last 15+ years holding various positions in merchandising at Victoria's Secret, Prada, Diane von Furstenberg to name a few and is pursuing an entrepreneurial journey truly living the American dream. 


Alice loves supporting the underdog and believes in giving the underserved an opportunity

The name PerfectDD was created to have two meanings and can be pronounced both ways: (1) "perfected" as an verb having perfected the white space in fashion as a new category definer for womenswear and (2) can also be used as an adjective describing "perfect double d's". Our founder is a size 32DD and learned to celebrate her bra size through this journey.