“Hi, don’t forget about us! <br>Curves don’t only belong to plus size.”

Today, brands and retailers boast of size inclusivity, which generally refers to plus size. This is amazing, as over half of the U.S. female population fall into this category. With the recent emergence of plus size brands such as 11 Honore, Eloquii, Good American and Universal Standard, and existing brands such as Tanya Taylor and Reformation that finally offer extended sizes for select styles, the plus size market has options. Does this make the fashion industry truly inclusive? Let me explain.


People assume if you have large breasts, you are plus size. Wrong! I am a size 32DD which doesn’t make me plus but I am also not standard market size. I get it, some of you reading may say, “boo hoo, you’re skinny with big boobs” but the struggle is real to find clothes that fit. 


I wear a size 0, 2, XS, S so if the shoulders fit, the shirt always pull across my chest. If I size up to fit my chest, clothes hang loosely on the rest of my body. My only options are to look indecent with my chest overflowing or to look like a box. For the few items that I do find, I have to try on multiple sizes to find ones that fit properly or get clothes tailored, and I’ve been in fashion for almost two decades! Until recently, I have wanted to get a breast reduction because the same clothes that flatter my small chested friends, make me look frumpy, causing me to feel insecure and self-conscious. Even lingerie make me feel embarrassed. While the non-busty can wear cute bralettes or no bra at all, which is a recent trend, not wearing a bra is not really an option for the busty. I find bras available for larger than C-cup are dowdy and matronly, and the few styles that are decent looking and available in my size are often sold out.


 So, where do people like me belong? This group of women whose size is ‘in-between’ are being ignored. If you fall into this category, shopping can seem impossible and make you feel excluded. No one should feel left out or that they don't belong. On behalf of myself and other women with my body type, I want to say to brands, “Hi, don’t forget about us! Curves don’t only belong to plus size.”

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