"Finally a solution for DD+ cups! PerfectDD provides flattering tops for women with a large bust, small to mid-frame, an overlooked demographic. As a size 32DD, I am not plus size nor standard market size so have struggled my entire life to find tops that both fit and flatter. Not too tight, not oversized, but just right. Getting dressed should be easy so you can focus on being a boss." - Alice Kim, Founder + CEO



We focus on body positivity, boldly celebrating curves of large breasted women small to mid-size. Excited to be the first company dedicated to serve this overlooked demographic. We create sustainable, flattering tops for women who struggle to find styles that accommodate their DD+ cup chest, marrying comfort and fit without sacrificing style.  

The PerfectDD woman likes to feel good about herself. She wants to feel sexy, not self-conscious. She likes to leave a little mystery. Perfecting the fit, PerfectDD styles are classic, feminine and flirty with enough room for the ‘girls’ to feel confident and fully supported.

Our styles are named after women we admire and individuals who have helped us through our entrepreneurial journey. 

Getting dressed should be easy. Who says you can’t have it all?  



I created a space where women with my body type belong. A place that is dedicated to us.

As a size 32DD, I've struggled my entire life to find tops that both fit and flatter my large chest and small frame. I end up looking either too showy or like a tent. If a top fits my shoulders, it pulls across my chest, and if I size up (to accommodate my chest), I look 20 pounds heavier — making me feel insecure and shopping incredibly frustrating. Ladies with large chests know that getting the right fit is crucial!

I’ve set out to change the dialogue about big boobs. DD+s are automatically associated with being too sexy. There’s a time and a place to look sexy, of course, but I don’t want to look sexy at the office or at a family event. When you don’t want your chest to be a distraction, our options are limited.

I used to think I was the only person with this issue, but have come to realize I’m not alone! Our body type is ignored in fashion, and there is a void in the market. We are not plus size nor standard size — we are PerfectDD.

Having worked in the fashion industry for two decades for leading brands including Victoria Secret, Prada, and DVF, I was determined to create a solution.

With the mission of embracing our curves without flaunting or concealing, I’ve created a collection of flattering styles in quality fabrics that fit OUR body type. Every body deserves to feel confident with what they wear. Getting dressed should be effortless so you can focus on being a boss. We are no longer an afterthought. We no longer have to settle on “fitting” what’s available or rely on custom tailoring. Finally, a line for US — your closet staples are here!