My Life as a Blogger

  I love fashion. Ever since I was a little girl, I had opinions about my outfits. My favorite outfit in nursery school was a red & white striped shirt paired with a red skirt and white tube socks. 

Fast forward, as an adult, I was excited when blogging became popular because shopping is my hobby – both in-stores and online, and I wanted to share all my amazing finds. To my dismay, dreams of being a fashion blogger was short lived because it was a challenge for me to find styles that fit off the rack, limiting products to promote. I had more pictures in my phone of awkward looking styles that were too tight across the chest or where I look pregnant (I am not!), than flattering outfits. The few pictures I have posted of myself are outfits that have been tailored or of me rocking the baggy trend ie sweatshirts.

Tip: Find a great tailor who can make even H&M clothes look like a million bucks; it's all about the fit. 

Funny how life leads you because this experience became the catalyst for me to start my own brand, realizing there is a void in the market for my body type: large bust with a small frame. Designer clothes rarely fit my chest and mass retail styles can make me look frumpy. Tired of shelling out more money to get clothes altered, or DIY pulling, tugging and safety pinning my shirts & dresses, I decided to create a line of clothing specifically for my demographic called PerfectDD.

The styles featured on my site are coveted finds that fit without alteration. Happy shopping!

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