The Same Bra Cup May Look Different Based On Band Size

by Talia Gerardi

When we get fitted for a bra and hear we’re actually a size we don’t normally wear, it’s shocking. The issue is most of us (80%) (Source: National Library of Medicine) are wearing the wrong size bra and might not even realize it. It wasn’t until I interned at PerfectDD, that I discovered cup size is not the only important measurement to pay attention to.

“You’re not that big” or “that can’t be your size” is a frequent comment I hear and an all too common reply I see on every TikTok fashion account. In reality, most people just don’t know exactly how bra sizing works, so PerfectDD created a bra guide to help measure yourself. And this is our favorite online bra calculator.

Bra Cup Size Reference

I assumed the same cup size would look the same across all body types but I realized this is false. Here is an example: F cups will look differently based on band size (32, 34, 36, etc). The volume of the cup increases with the band size which means a 34F is larger than a 30F.

The bras below are all F cups with different band sizes. As you can see, the volume varies by band size.

Bra Size F Cup Comparison

34D Bra Comparison

It is also important to take note of different breast shapes. Both women below are size 34D however, they don’t look alike because of their breast shape. The woman in the white bra is fuller on the top, whereas the woman in the purple bra is more shallow. One might conclude the woman in the purple bra is smaller-chested when in reality they are the same bra size.

The same cup will look differently depending on your breast shape and band size. It’s hard to determine someone’s bra size just by looking at them. Kind reminder, your bra size doesn’t determine your self worth!

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